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Sponsor A Kiddush

Kiddush Policies:

  1. No outside food whatsoever is allowed in the Bait HaKnesset. Even if it is to be consumed solely by he who brings it.
  2. No one may enter the kitchen at any time without prior approval from the Rabbis OR Food Service Director.
  3. The Bait HaKnesset will no longer have a weekly meat kiddush. The Bait Haknesset offers weekly Kiddush of cookies/cakes and assorted rotating offerings. However, 2 types of meat kiddush are possible, but only if previously ordered through the office, and by filling out the form below.
  4. For larger Kiddushim when kitchen is in use, NO individuals are allowed in the kitchen during Kiddush, except the Food Services Director, Headwaiter, and the waiters who will serve the food.
  5. Sponsorships are welcome for all the above. Pleae note, when sponsoring the basic parve kiddush, NO changes may be made to the menu.
  6. In order to sponsor a kiddush, please fill out the form below at least 1-week prior to the date of the kiddush sponsorship in order to allow for enough time to prepare properly. The only way to arrange a sponsorship is through our office manager, Mrs Markovits, once the form is completed. As a reminder, a $250.00 non-refundable payment must be made after you have submitted the kiddush sponsorship form. 
  7. OSTC reserves the right to allow any additional sponsors for any Kiddush, at any time.
  8. Due to new OSTC policies, waiters must be hired for every Meat Kiddush. They will be provided by the Bait HaKnesset, and are included in the cost of the Kiddush. For more elaborate Kiddushim, please contact the shul office for the different options. 

    OSTC Kehillah Kiddush Options: (ALL prices and options are subject to change):
    • Option 1: Standard Parve Kiddush: $180
      Rotating offerings Can NOT be chosen
      Example: Cookies, Herring/fish, Crackers/chips 2 9x13 of Kugel Salads Soda No bread Very minimal tables for seating, mostly STANDING.
    • Option 2: Standard Meat Kiddush: $400
      2 9x13 Chamin + Eggs
      2 9x13 of Chicken & Rice
      Coffee Cakes
      No bread
      Very minimal tables for seating, mostly STANDING.
      Extra pan of Chamin or Chicken & Rice - $100 EACH
    • Option 3: Deluxe Meat Kiddush: $800
      4 9x13 Chamin + Eggs
      4 9x13 of Chicken & Rice
      Cole Slaw
      Rolls for Hamotzai
      Coffee Cakes
      Table and Chair set up
    • Additions:
      If one wished to add hot additions, NOT in the options of the menu above, there will be $100 surcharge due to additional cost for the Bait HaKnesset. The additions are limited to 4 9x13 pans, any more then that constitutes an elaborate Kiddush and requires a separate form. The Bait HaKnesset (i.e., our office manager) MUST order the hot additions. Cold additions MUST be approved by the Food Services Director, Daveed Hagage.
      If you selected the Standard of Deluxe Meat Kiddush, and would like to make additions to the kiddush, please contact our office manager at 


Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784