About Ohel Shalom

About Ohel Shalom

On a wintery Shabbat morning in 1987, a new young Sephardic community named Shaare Mizrah come into being.  Under the leadership of Rabbi Daniel J. Raccah, the young congregation grew. In 2005, eighteen years later, Shaare Mizrah purchased its own home and moved to a new facility which brought a new name: Ohel Shalom Torah Center.  As the walls expanded, so did the attention and focus of the programming.  Ohel Shalom has become more than a synagogue.  Ohel Shalom is now an umbrella name for an organization with numerous community wide programs.  here are but a few of the ways by which Ohel Shalom touches and impacts the entire community:

Tefillah: Daily and Shabbat Tefillah according to the Nusach Edot HaMizrach (Minhag Yirushalmi).

Torah: Rabbi Daniel J. Raccah’s Personalities in the Bible and Wednesday night shiurim, including Maharal and Parashat HaShavu’ah, plus frequent celebrated guest speakers.

Kiruv/Outreach: Caring and warm outreach to an under-serviced segment of the community.

The Sephardic Community Kollel: Open Beit Midrash program Sunday through Thursday, 8 to 10 PM, followed by Arvit, with an extensive library and computer room with Torah databases.

Chesed Services: Geshem and Chasdai Yitzchak ViYaakov Funds.

Ateret Chayah Simcha Hall: A beautiful and vibrantly decorated Simcha Hall for your events. (See photos of the simcha hall.)


About Rabbi Raccah

Rabbi Daniel J. Raccah received rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Ovadia Yosef of Jerusalem in 1990. He has been the Rav of Ohel Shalom Torah Center for nearly thirty years. An exceptional scholar and teacher, Rabbi Raccah presents the deepest topics, including Kabbalah, so clearly that all listeners, from ages fourteen to over eighty, can be inspired. His sources are far-reaching, from Sephardic masters to Chassidic Rebbes; his library is legendary. His remarkable talents are exceeded only by his humility and love for the Jewish people.

Rabbi Raccah’s shiurim are recorded, and are available for purchase from the Ner Foundation. Many of those shiurim are also available online from TorahMedia.com.

Contact Information

Ohel Shalom Torah Center
2949 W. Touhy Avenue
Chicago, IL 60645


  • Rav: Rabbi Daniel J. Raccah
  • Kollel Coordinator: Rabbi Yosef Olstein
  • Office Manager: Ayelet Sror




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