Pesach Tifilah Times 2018


Friday, March 30th- Erev Pesach/Ta’anit Bichorim

Shacharit – 6:30 am followed by Siyum
Candlelighting – 6:54 pm
Mincha/Arvit – 7:04 pm

Shabbat, March 31st- First Day of Pesach

Shacharit – 8:15am
There is NO Kiddush following Shacharit
Mincha/Arvit – 6:45 pm
There is NO Seudah Shilisheet in the Beit HaKinesset

Candlelighting – NOT BEFORE 8:05 PM

Sunday, April 1st- Second Day of Pesach

Shacharit – 8:15am
Mincha/Arvit – 7:00 pm
Yom Tov Ends 8:06 pm

BUShacharit – 6:30am


Candlelighting – 7:01 pm
Mincha – 7:11 pm

Friday, April 6th- 7th Day of Pesach

Shacharit – 8:15 am
Candlelighting – 7:02 pm
Mincha/Kabalat Shabbat – 7:12 pm

Shabbat, April 7th- Acharon Shel Pesach

Shacharit – 8:15 am
There is NO Kiddush following Shacharit
Mincha – 6:53 pm followed by Se’udat Ni’ilat HaChag
Arvit – 8:13 pm
Yom Tov Ends – 8:13 pm


For a printable version of this schedule: PESACH TIFILA TIMES

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