Personalities in the Bible Shiur Schedule 2018-2019


During the winter, in conjunction with the Ner Foundation, Rabbi Raccah delivers a series of Shiurim on Personalities in the Bible. BA”H this winter is the 21st season. The Shiurim are thought provoking. Unless otherwise announced, the Shiurim begin at 7:30pm. The schedule is subject to change, so be sure to check back here.

The first shiur is BE”H this Motza’ai Shabbat beginning at 8 PM. The title is: “Rachel and Leah – Two Paths of Providence.”

1 October 27 וירא Beginning at 8 PM
2 November 17 ויצא Beginning at 7:30 PM
3 November 24 וישלח
4 December 1 וישב
5 December 22 ויחי
6 January 5 וארא
7 January 19 בשלח Beginning at 7:45 PM
8 January 26 יתרו Beginning at 7;45 PM
9 February 2 משפטים Beginning at 7:45 PM

For a printable version: PIB shiur schedule

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