Tisha B’Av Schedule 2013- Tifillah and Videos

Monday – July 15th Erev Tisha B’av
Mincha 6:00 pm
Fast begins 8:24 pm
Arvit 8:45 pm
Tuesday  – July 16th Tisha B’av
Shacharit 6:30 am  (Regular Time) with Tifilin

Rabbi Raccah will be speaking at Cong. KINS at 12:15 pm – Title: Path to Redemption: The Egotist’s Quandry 

Chatzot 1:00 pm
Afternoon Movie Presentations at Ohel Shalom 
5:45 pm – Project Inspire Presents: “Just a Word: Harnessing Our Power to Bring Back and Rebuild Klal Yisroel” featuring Charlie Harary (suggested donation of $10). 
6:45 pm –  A fabulous 3D animated walk-through of the 2nd Beit HaMikdash with Rabbi Chaim Shmuel Friedman (free of charge).Both films are open to men, women and mature children.
Mincha 8:10 pm
Arvit  9:00 pm
Fast Ends 9:14 pm

May we all merit to witness the rebuilding of the Beit HaMikdash speedily in our days!

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