Rabbi David Shamsi -Parashat Shemini-Mivarchim Iyar 5777

While it is an established minhag to read Pirkei Avot during these spring and summer months, it is unclear what its title – which roughly translates to “Chapters of Fathers” – actually means. Nevertheless, I would like to suggest a new interpretation based on my own life experiences.

The book primarily consists of ethical sayings from various great rabbis who lived immediately before, during, and after the destruction of the Second Temple. Its short “haikus” are a sharp contrast from the often difficult-to-follow reasoning that permeates the rest of the Talmud.

Based on this observation, I believe the title of the work actually means “Chapters for Fathers”: Once a hapless yeshivah bachur reaches parenthood, Pirkie Avot is pretty much the only Sefer he will have the brain capacity and time to read.

Just a thought -but then again I really didn’t have that much time to think this through.

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