Parashat Yitro 5777

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This Week at Ohel Shalom

Personalities in the Bible Shiur

This Motza’ai Shabbat, February 18th, Rabbi Raccah will BE”H be giving his FINAL Personalities in the Bible Shiur for this season, titled “Rachel and Leah: Sisters and Mothers of Kings” at 7:45 pm in the Sha’arei Ezra Main Sanctuary. Note time change! Please join us.

Mazal Tov! Seruya Bar Mitzvah

The Kehillah is invited to join in the Simcha of the Seruya family BE”H next Shabbat, Parashat Mishpatim, to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of Avraham Chabakuk Seruya. See below for details.

Geshem Fund Appeal
Each week’s newsletter contains a small section about the Geshem Fund – the Kehilla’s Chesed Fund. This fund is administered by the Rabbi alone, and provides aid to members of our Kehilla who are facing financial challenges. Over the last few weeks, the requests for aid have increased dramatically, both in the number of requests as well as the sums needed. Some of these requests have been for tenfold what has been given in the past. This unexpected spike has put a strain on the Geshem Fund. The Geshem Fund holds no fundraising events, so funds are raised by the Rabbi alone. Please help us help others! Donations can be given to the Rabbi, any of the Kehilla officers or to the office. If you make the check out to Ohel Shalom, be sure to note Geshem Fund in the Memo line so that the funds will be properly allocated. Thank you!
UPDATE: The Rabbi wishes to thank all of those who have answered this appeal. Yet, even with the influx of these additional funds, the Geshem Fund is still experiencing an unusually high request surge.

Cleaning Out the Coat Closet
The time for organization and tidiness is long overdue! All personal belongings in the coat room MUST BE REMOVED. Beginning in February, on the 18th of each month, anything remaining after 30 days will be considered Hefker (ownerless) and will be donated immediately. Let’s all do our part to keep the Beit Hakinesset neat and welcoming.
Purim is on its way!! Keep watching this spot for more info!

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