Parashat Ki Tavo 5773

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Silichot Reminder

Silichot will BE”H continue this week beginning 45 minutes before Shacharit. Silichot will be at 5:30 am on Mondays and Thursdays, at 5:45 am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and at 7:00 am on Sunday.  Silichot will BE”H be followed by Shacharit daily. Please make note of the time changes.   


Thursday Night Chamin

If you visit the Kollel on Thursday nights you will be met with both the beautiful sight of many people occupied in Torah study as well as … the wonderful smell of our Thursday Night Chamin. Please come and indulge both your mind with a beautiful Shiur and your palate with the delicious Chamin. 

 High Holiday Information

Please see the section below with important scheduling information and babysitting reservations.
Regular Office Hours Resuming
Beginning Monday, August 26th, Tamar will be resuming her regular office hours of 8:40 am-12:40 pm. 
 A light blue storage bin is missing from the social hall, and had been used at the Nadoff Bar Mitzvah last Shabbat. If you know of its whereabouts, please contact Tamar in the office. 
High Holiday Membership Packet

As the High Holiday season approaches, work on the annual High Holiday mailing is BE”H almost complete. Please look for this important mailing which will BE”H include membership forms and a schedule of services. Upon receiving the packet, please fill it out and return it at your earliest convenience. Your prompt attention will allow us to properly prepare for the season.

Outstanding Balances for  
High Holiday Mitzvot Purchases

If you still have a balance for Mizvah purchases for the High Holidays from previous years, please make your best effort to pay them soon. As is well known, the Kehillah policy is to not allow someone with a unpaid balance to purchases Mitzvot. 

High Holiday Babysitting
Don’t forget to reserve Babysitting for Yom Tov!
$10 a child covers both days of Rosh Hashana
$10 a child covers night and day of Yom Kippur
There will be snacks, drinks and lots of fun and playtime.
Please call Tamar during office hours or call Leah Chana Zayan  at 847-343-6987.
RESERVATION DEADLINE: Rosh Hashana by 8/30 and Yom Kippur by 9/10.
Payment must be made in advance to guarantee a spot for your child.  
If your child(ren) aren’t in groups we ask you to keep your child(ren) with you and quiet throughout davening.
The babysitting hours will be: 
Rosh Hashana : 10 am until services are over. 
Yom Kippur night: one hour after services start until tefillah is over. 
Yom Kippur day: 10 am until the break and then again from Neila (6:15 pm) until tefillah is over.
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