Machshava Rabbi David Shamsi (Parashat Korach)

A Lesson from the Sun and the Moon

The Gemara tells us that both the sun and the moon protested against Korach and his clan’s rebellion against Moshe.  They went on strike and refused to provide the world with light until Hashem would do justice and thwart Korach’s efforts. Hashem responded by shooting arrows at them and rebuking them: “Every day kings all over the world disgrace me by bowing down to you instead of Me and you say nothing.  Apparently, you care more about Moshe’s honor than Mine!” (Sanhedrin 110)  This gemara teaches us a powerful lesson.

 If we want to improve our relationship with Hashem, the place to begin is by learning from our relationships with people. Think about the person you love the most and why.  Maybe you love this person because she is loyal and caring or because you’ve been through everything together and this person knows you better than anyone else.  If we have this much love for a person, then how much more so should we have it for Hashem?  After all, He knows us better than anyone,  seen every thought we’ve ever had.  Hashem is more loyal and caring than any person could possibly be: Every breath taken, any pleasure experienced is a gift from Him.  This same technique can be used to inspire in us any positive feeling we should have for Hashem:  Respect, honor, gratitude etc.  This Shabbat we should all merit to use our relationships with people as models for how to relate to Hashem.

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