Simchat Beit HaSho’eva

This past Monday, Sept. 23rd, the evening of the 4th day of Chol HaMo’ed, we held our second Simchat Beit HaSho’eva. Over 100 people came to sing, dance and join in the festivities. Music was provided by Reb Shimon Gendelman (of Gendelband) on the keyboard and Ruby Harris on the violin and electric guitar.

The dancing was exciting, propelled by the lively music. We were graced with the presence of Rabbi Avraham Lipschutz, Menahel Ruchani of Telshe Yeshiva – Chicago and Rabbi Binyamin Olstein, Rosh Yeshiva in the Skokie Yeshiva, as well as many other community rabbis and lay leaders.

¬†As with any Ohel Shalom event, the refreshments were B”H splendid. In addition to the usual, there were pastries, generously donated by Tel Aviv Bakery, and a parve Chamin prepared by Moshe Gatenyo, as well as a delicious potato kugel.

 Thanks to all of the people who helped make this event a success, including the many children who were such an active part of the dancing and the cleanup. We are very appreciative to our volunteers who share some much with us. Special thanks to our devoted Kollel Coordinator, Rabbi Yosef Olstein, for being the driving force behind this beautiful event. Tizku LiMitzvot!

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