Parashat Pikudei 5779

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This Week at Ohel Shalom

Get ready to Spring Forward! Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, March 10th at 2 AM. Also it’s time to check and change your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries! Be safe!

Office Manager Out of Office

NOTE: As of Wednesday, March 13th, Mrs. Sror will be out of the office until Wednesday, March 27th. If you need to leave a message for the office PLEASE EMAIL ONLY! Voicemails to the office will NOT be returned promptly.
Emails will BE”H be checked regularly.

This applies only to voicemail messages for the Office Manager. You may leave messages for Rabbi Raccah as usual.

Learning Group with Rabbi Raccah on Pele Yoetz

Please join us for a weekly learning group with Rabbi Raccah on the Pele Yoetz. This group meets weekly, and is only open to male members of the Kehillah. For more information text Shlomo Mizrahi at 323-274-8178.

New Learning Group with Rabbi Raccah in Hebrew
Due to the success of the Pele Yoetz Learning Group, Rabbi Raccah is considering starting a similar group in Hebrew. More information will BE”H be forthcoming if this idea materializes.

Rosh Chodesh Adar II
Rosh Chodesh will be for two days beginning on Wednesday evening, March 6 through Friday evening, March 8. MiShenichnas Adar Marbim B’Simcha!!

Rabbi Raccah’s Parashat HaShavua Shiur

Rabbi Raccah’s Wednesday evening Parashat Hashavua Shiur will BE”H be meeting this coming week on the 13th, however there will not be a Shiur the following week of March 20th, due to Ta’anit Esther and Purim. The Shiur will BE”H resume on Wednesday, March 27th at 8.30 pm.

Geshem Fund Appeal
Each week’s newsletter contains a small section about the Geshem Fund – the Kehilla’s Chesed Fund. This fund is administered by the Rabbi alone, and provides aid to members of our Kehilla who are facing financial challenges. The holidays always place an additional stress upon the Geshem Fund to help people celebrate with joy and dignity. As of now, the Geshem Fund holds no fundraising events, so funds are raised by the Rabbi alone. Please help us help others! Donations can be given to the Rabbi, any of the Kehilla officers or to the office. If you make the check out to Ohel Shalom, be sure to note Geshem Fund in the Memo line so that the funds will be properly allocated. Thank you!

Purim Cards to Help Support the Geshem Fund
With Purim around the corner, consider honoring a friend with a Mitzvah instead of some more candy/Chametz. You can come pick up some elegant Purim cards, which will support the Geshem Fund. Cards can be purchased at $18 for 10 cards or individually $2 each. Checks should be made out to the Geshem Fund with “Purim cards” written in the memo. If you are interested in these beautifully designed cards, please contact Ayelet in the office or Tani Seruya.

Purim is just around the corner! See “Upcoming Events” for more information.

Lost and Found

This stroller has been sitting in the entrance of our Beit Kinesset for quite some time now. If you know who it may belong to please have them claim it as soon as possible. If the stroller is not claimed within two weeks from today it will be considered hefker and will be disposed of.

These 3 coats have been sitting in the Women’s Section of our Beit Kinesset for quite some time now. If you know who they may belong to please have them claim them as soon as possible. If the coats are not claimed within two weeks from today they will be considered hefker and will be disposed of.

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