Parashat Ha’azinu 5779

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This Week at Ohel Shalom

Mazal Tov! BiSiman Tov!

Mazal Tov to Rabbi and Mrs. Zev Drutman on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Moshe. Mazal Tov to grandparents Yaakov and Rivka Alfie. May he continue to grow in Torah, Mitzvot and Ma’asim Tovim!

Mazal Tov to our Kollel fellow Rabbi Ezra and Moriel Hamui on the birth of their daughter Sarah, who was named last Shabbat! Mazal Tov to the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Amster, Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Genie Friedman and Mr. Isaac Hamui. May they merit to raise her to Torah, Chuppa and Ma’asim Tovim!

Kiddush and Seudah Shilisheet Sponsorship

Kiddush and Seudah Shilisheet this week are sponsored by the Drutmans in honor of Moshe’s Bar Mitzvah. Mazal Tov! The Kehillah thanks them for their generosity.


Children’s Program this Shabbat –
Shabbat Parashat Ha’azinu

BE”H this Shabbat, September 22nd, will be the Bar Mitzvah of Moshe Drutman. There will BE”H be a concurrent Ashkenazi Minyan in the Beit Midrash. As such, Shabbat groups will take place in the Sukkah, unless it rains.

Please make sure your children do not go through the Beit Midrash as it will disturb the Minyan.

In addition, there will be no room from strollers in the entrance foyer outside the Beit Midrash. As such, strollers MUST be parked in the Kehillah’s Sukkah in the back parking lot.

Pictures from the Erev Yom Kippur Shiur

We tried something new before Yom Kippur. Last Thursday morning, Rabbi Raccah saw a last minute opening in his schedule for that evening, so he decided to give a Shiur on that same Thursday evening about Pre-Yom Kippur thoughts. Very last minute. An email was sent out on Thursday morning to announce the Shiur. B”H even with the very limited advance notice the Shiur was very nicely attended. BE”H we hope to possibly try this again in the future.

Kollel is On Break

The Kollel is now on break for the Sukkot Yom Tov. BE”H Kollel will resume on Thursday, October 4th. Remember that there is no 10 PM Arvit when the Kollel is on break. Of course, the Bet Midrash is always open for you to come in and learn.

Rabbi Raccah’s Wednesday Evening Parasha Shiur

Due to the days of the week upon which the Chagim fall this year, Rabbi Raccah’s Wednesday night Parashat HaShavua Shiur is on break. The Shiur will BE”H resume on Wednesday, October 3rd at 8.30 pm.

Sukkot begins this Sunday Evening

Sukkot begins this coming Sunday evening, September 23rd. Please see “Upcoming Events” for the schedule.

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