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Parashat Chukat 5778

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This Week at Ohel Shalom

Kiddush and Seudah Shilisheet Sponsorship

Kiddush this week is sponsored anonymously. The Kehillah thanks the sponsor for their generosity.

Seudah Shilisheet is sponsored by Mrs. Alyese Faibisoff in memory of her grandmother, Chaya Gitta bat Moshe Tzvi. May her Neshama merit an Aliyah. The Kehillah thanks Mrs. Faibisoff for her generosity.

Children’s’ Group Update Older Boys GroupĀ 

B”H we now have an older boys group for our boys ages 6-11. This group is run by two young men and includes all of the features offered by other groups. This allows us to have groups for all children from the ages of 3-11. A key part of our children groups is the curriculum we use which varies each week and is specific to each age group. This allows for the time spent in groups to be a constructive and fun learning experience for the children instead of just playtime. As such, please ensure that any children in groups are within the ages 3-11 and that they’re with the appropriate age group.

Family Chesed Project
Please join us THIS Sunday, June 24th for our annual family Chesed project, Lilyui Chaya Rivka bat Gedalya Reuven Levi, daughter of Jenny and David Nadoff commemorating her 11th Azkara. The project will begin at 10 am in the Ateret Chaya Simcha Hall. This project is for all ages. This means, not only is it an opportunity to come with your children, if you have children, but also, adults are welcome, even without children! Please see below for more details.

Annual Picnic – Save the Date!

BE”H our Annual Picnic will be on Sunday, August 19th.

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