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Parashat Noach-Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan 5778

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This Week at Ohel Shalom

Mazal Tov!

Mazal Tov to Miriam and Josh Bresler on the birth of a baby boy! Mazal Tov to grandparents Shimon and Devorah Ben Abu and aunt Tirtza and uncles David and Yisrael.


Rosh Chodesh MarCheshvan

The holidays are now behind us and next begins the month of Cheshvan with no holidays, hence called Mar Cheshvan – the bitter month. Rosh Chodesh beganThursday evening, October 19th and continues through Shabbat, October 21st. Chodesh Tov.

Personalities in the Bible Shiur is Back!

The Ner Foundation and Ohel Shalom Torah Center are pleased to announce the first lecture of Rabbi Raccah’s Personalities in the Bible series for this winter season, titled: “The 12 Tribes: Roots” to be held BE”H THIS Motza’ai Shabbat, October 21st at 8PM in the Main Sanctuary. Please join! The next Shiur will BE”H be on October 28th.

Kollel and Late Arvit Resume
So you may have made some resolutions during the High Holiday period to learn more. If so, or even if not, the Sephardic Community Kollel is a wonderful opportunity to come and explore the world of Torah. B”H Kollel resumed, Wednesday, October 18th at 8 pm, as did the 10 pm Arvit.

Kiddush Sponsorship

The Kehillah would like to thank Didier Aziza for sponsoring Kiddush in memory of his mother, Anna bat Leah. May her Neshama merit an Aliyah.

Rabbi Raccah’s Wednesday Night Shiur
Rabbi Raccah’s Wednesday night Shiur will BE”H resume on Wed. Oct. 25th.

Geshem Fund Needs Your Help
Every week you may see a section in our email about the Geshem Fund. Many people turn to the Geshem Fund for help, some on a regular basis and others when unique circumstances arise. We make an effort to address BE”H each request. Recently the fund has been called on at a much higher level than average. Additionally, the High Holiday season is one of the two times a year, the other being Pesach, that the fund makes distributions to families to enhance their holidays. Please consider helping the Geshem Fund continue to meet its goals of helping those who turn to us. We want to BE”H be able to answer the call when it comes in.

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